of individuals & families through community-based services

Services & Programs
Tracking and Monitoring
SequelCare’s tracking and monitoring program provides both behavioral accountability and cognitive counseling. This program serves individuals who have court involvement and require intensive supervision to maintain their ability to live in a community setting.

Transitional Living
SequelCare provides assistance to teenagers and young adults returning to their communities who have no place to reside. Individuals that have successfully completed their treatment program may apply to participate in our Transitional Living Program.

School-Based Services
SequelCare provides school-based counseling to assist students, kindergarten
through high school, who are faced with emotional and/or behavioral problems that have kept them from doing well in school. Through individual and group counseling, students are able to work through issues that have impeded their social, academic, and behavioral progress in the school setting.

Therapeutic Foster Care
Therapeutic Foster Care offers treatment for troubled youth who have been removed from their home or who are in need of a "step-down" from a more intensive level of care. Counselors work directly in the foster home, school, and community to respond to the unique individual needs of the youth and foster parents.

Wrap-Around Services
SequelCare provides a full continuum of wrap-around services for children and youth in their home setting. SequelCare counselors work in conjunction with community resources to address a child’s specific needs and build on the child’s and family’s strengths.

Alternative Day Schools
Alternative day schools provide educational services to students who are at risk of failing or dropping out of regular high school and students who have been removed from their home school because of illegal activity or behavioral problems.

Individual & Group Counseling
SequelCare provides group and individual counseling services in a variety of community settings. Counselors provide intensive therapeutic interventions for youth and families experiencing behavioral and mental health disorders.
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